Galley Hood

Galley Hood

GEX has been offering first class building maintenance services since 1996.

GEX™ Kitchen Exhaust System is capable of extracting up to a maximum 90% of grease content from the cooking effluent before it leaves the hood area.

The result is certified by SGS in an independent study in accordance to the international exhaust testing standard ASHRAE PR-851. Tests on oil mist and odour concentration were also significantly lower when compared with before and after installation of the GEX™ Kitchen Exhaust System.

Water Spray Hood

Planted Water Mist Technology

Grease Removal Efficiency of up to 90%
ASHRAE RP851 – SGS Certified
NIOSH 5026 – Setsco Certified

UL Listed 
Automated Cleaning System (Reduced Maintenance)

Patented Anti Clog Nozzle Technology

The GEX anti-clog system is designed to clean and flush the pipeline of the water spray system and nozzle head automatically

This greatly reduces the chances of grease accumulation, ensuring optimum operating conditions.







GEX System

Grease Removal Process
  1. Grease particles are cooled and washed away by the water mist curtain.
  2. The viscosity of the grease is reduced once it is in contact with the moist surface of the mesh filter.
  3. The remainder of the grease is then captured by the mesh filter.

Up to 90% of the grease can be removed.


GEX Auto-cleaning Electrostatic Precipitator Kitchen Exhaust System



Auto-cleaning Electrostatic Precipitator Kitchen Exhaust System

  • Maximum grease and smoke removal efficiency (TUV SUD PSB Singapore certified)
  • Programmable Auto-Cleaning System Operates at optimal working condition
  • Low maintenance
  • User friendly

Thermal Sensor – Controlled Exhaust System

  • Fan speed is automatically adjusted by exhaust air temperature.
  • To avoid running at full speed during off-peak hours
  • Maintain air balance between cooking range and kitchen
  • Minimize fan power consumption and loss of air-conditioned air.



How does the system work?


Routine Operation:

  • The Electrostatic Precipitators (EP) will inter-lock with the kitchen exhaust fan.
  • As contaminated exhaust air passes through the ionizing section, the particles become charged
  • When charged particles pass through the Collection Plate Section at the downstream, they will be attracted to the opposite charged Collection Plates.
  • Up to 90% of the grease or smoke particles is filtered from the exhaust air.

Auto-cleaning Procedure:

  • At the end of operation, degreaser and water are closed into kitchen exhaust hood according to the pre-set time.
  • The circulation pump sprays cleaning solution to flush the cell of the EP removing grease.
  • After the flushing, the system will flush clean water to clean the express cleaning solution.
  • The exhaust fan is turned on automatically after flushing.
    The strong airflow dries the cell of the EP