Louver and Mist Eliminator

Mist Eliminator Louver


EXHEAT is a globally renowned designer and manufacturer of electric process heating and control systems.
Our experience in the design of electric heaters for use in hazardous area locations is second to none.
Our complete range of custom-engineered process and immersion heaters, together with our standard product portfolio which incorporates immersion heaters, room heaters and thermostats have extensive IECEx, ATEX and CSA certification amongst others.


Mist Eliminater Louver


Bk-Engineering Co.’s Weather Louver are used for an offshore and ships to protect rain and sand, fog, penetration in ventilation system. BK-WSL(Sinusoid) has specially designed PVC, AL, SUS profile and can be used in high velocity and large air volume and offer high performance with mist removal efficiencies often approaching 99%

Sinusoid — Our Standard type

Zig-Zag type
Seprated Type
Modified Zig-Zqg type



Mist Eliminator / Louver with Heater


Heat tracing cable is able to install at inlet vanes to prevent inlet icing for mist eliminator and louver

These heated vane inlets provide anti-icing protection in our product for winterization against any build-up of snow or ice.

The heat tracing cable in respective vane give a constant temperature rise across the whole area.

This heating system is applicable to both safe and hazardous area





Silencers, also named as sound attenuators are an engineered product specifically to control airborne noise in ducts, openings in buildings, enclosures, or from equipment.

BKL engineering offers the design and engineering assistance to integrate our line of duct silencers, sound attenuators into a system solution.

Our Solution will satisfy the requirements of each application.